Saturday, March 12, 2011

Muslim Wedding Customs Around the World

Traditional Muslim weddings are always events of a lifetime, with every friend and distant relative attending, lavish costumes often adorned with gold or silver jewelry, and precise religious rituals to be followed.

Still, people are people, and each culture tends to evolve its own ways of celebrating. So a Muslim wedding in Egypt might look one way, while a Muslim wedding in Africa or India might follow completely different customs. Sure, there will be certain core religions traditions that are constant, but beyond that each culture may have very different Muslm wedding traditions.

I began investigating this when I was getting ready to get married in 1998. I had grown up mostly in the United States and I didn't want the typical Western-style wedding: black suit and white gown, best man and bridesmaids, the wedding march, a child bearing rings, etc. All of that has nothing to do with our Islamic history and traidtions. I wanted something traditionally Islamic, whether from my own Egyptian culture or any other. So I began researching traditional Muslim wedding customs to see how we Muslims have been doing it around the world for 1,400 years.

- Wael Abdelgawad


Post Title Muslim Wedding Customs Around the World