Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lady In Black- or New Job Fashion

Hey I am changing my job!

After 3 years of loyal hard work, the company I have been working for suddenly placed an ad for a position slightly higher than mine in the same department. Funnily, the position was vacant from the day I started there and I'd been expected to be acting as a substitute with higher than my job description responsibilities. And I did, and I foolishly hoped they will appreciate it and promote me, and I waited for 3 years only to find that ad on a job search site. Wow, that is some workplace culture! I am seriously contemplating calling the solicitor over this. But the question is: WHY BOTHER?

BUT I was very lucky to be offered another job in a smaller and nicer place just almost at the same time.  I always believed I am being looked after in life and situations like this one, just make this belief stronger. I had a trial today and it went very well. I am so looking forward to this change in my life.

And this means SEW SEW SEW. The dress code is all black, there is no set uniform (YEY!), so I can pretty much experiment with the way I look.

Now I have to start with some black trousers (maybe 2-3 pairs) and some black tops. I  need to make something warm on the top and shorter sleeves. Maybe like a high neck top - there is a great one coming out in the April's issue of BurdaStyle . The sleeve line is not too high, slightly covering the shoulder,  it creates a lovely silhouette and still keeps the neck warm from the drafts. ( The new job place is lovely, but very drafty)

I also want to make a couple of ampire waistline tops, this one from Burda 5/2010 can do the trick. I like the 3/4 sleeve lenth- perfect for not sticking your sleeves, where they shouldn't be))) I will be shopping for the fabric for these on ebay- from Tia Knight, my favourite seller for jerseys and her store In Fashion Fabrics, definitely worth checking out- great prices, choice of fabrics is endless, the quality is really good and the P&P is very reasonable.

Now the trousers... This is the tricky one, I would like something kinda tight on the top and slightly flared, kinda like a boot-cut, I have a good pair I bought in the local supermarket, but they stopped selling this type, so I will have to get something myself. My last job's dress code was red top and grey trousers, so I have too many of those and only one in black. The major requirement- it has to wash well and look good after numerous washes and it has to dry fast, I am thinking polyester suiting. My favourite ebay seller for suiting is Minerva Crafts And Fabrics with decent polyester suiting fabric from just around €3.50 per meter.

So I am getting over the shocking treatment and the betrayal of my old job, looking forward to the new  grief free life and  hoping that
Change is always happening for the good of you and for everyone. It is the evolution of life.

Post Title Lady In Black- or New Job Fashion