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Best Celtic Wedding Rings and What They Symbolize

Best Celtic Wedding Rings and What They Symbolize...........

Have you ever wondered why Celtic wedding bands are so popular? As a matter of fact, they are in high demand not only among the Irish, but also among people from different cultures and backgrounds. Although the answer lies as much in their aesthetic value as in what they represent, one can only gain true appreciation of Celtic wedding rings by understanding Celtic history, art and religion.

It may be hard to believe, but the traditions that gave birth to Celtic designs that many now consider trendy and fashionable date back to the 1st Century BC. Back then, the Celts were considered a dominant race in much of Europe, and contributed largely to the development of language, customs and religion in the Western World. When the Saxons invaded Britain, where Christianity had been well established by the 4th century AD, the Celtic people fled to Wales but carried with them a strong Christian tradition that is still evident in modern wedding bands.

In those days, much of ancient Celtic folklore and beliefs had already been integrated into the new Christian culture. One of the artistic products of such union was the "Celtic trinity knot" pattern in their wedding rings, where the three interwoven strands stood for God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. At the same time, the knots also symbolized the idea of eternity in the minds of the Celts, because the patterns appeared to interlace endlessly. This not only suited but further reinforced their traditional belief that marriage is meant to last forever.

One of the most well recognized and used Celtic knots would be the Trinity knot. The Trinity knot, as the name would suggest, comprises 3 rounded triangles linked together and features points at the outer edges. This knot can stand alone or be worked so that numerous knots are linked together. The Trinity knot is often known as the Love Knot and can have several meanings, including the ancient Celtic, which is representing Celtic Gods and Goddesses, and the Christian, which is representing the Holy Trinity.

The Claddagh ring with its well known design of a heart, a pair of hands, and a crown is also extremely popular and time honored. The Claddagh ring can traditionally be worn several ways, all with their own meanings. On the left ring finger it is seen as a sign of marriage, commitment, and eternal love. On the right hand, with the heart facing inwards it is seen as a commitment ring, or as indicative of someone already being spoken for.

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